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free communities. from here, he's going to head to southern california and then off to the east coast. he was already in india and europe for tours there. >> i think when we all come together and reach out to the community, we believe and i would like everyone to come together with this one dream of a violence-free society. >> reporter: he told the crowd of more than 1,500 people here to create a safe and secure community, it is essential to get off the internet and engage one another. i did ask him if he truly believes in stress free, violent free communities, whether they were achievable. he says he's an optimist, and believes in a dream and says little by little, we will get there. >> all right, kimberly, thank you very much. and east bay special forces soldier has died as a result of
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rounds received in afghanistan. 31-year-old james grissom from hayward died in germany from gunshot wounds he suffered two days earlier in afghanistan. grissom was assigned to the special forces group based in ft. lewis, washington. he was on his fifth overseas deployment. grissom is survived by his wife, parents and a sister. there is a new memorial for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. it took place this morning in san bruno, after this morning's palm sunday services. community members painted a mural depicting healing waters and a rainbow of hope. eight people were killed, dozens injured in the 2010 blast. survivors have continued to press for stronger pipeline safety reforms. >> there were tears in santa rosa today as hundreds of people gathered to remember a teenage boy who was hit and killed in a
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freak accident at a racetrack last weekend. the family of 14-year-old marcus johnson held a private funeral yesterday and today was a chance for the community to join the family. johnson was killed when his 17-year-old cousin spun out of control during a prerace warmup last weekend. he was in eighth grade and his mom says he would have been touched to see everyone paying tribute to him today. >> he would be overwhelmed, i think he'd say, "wow, cool." but i wish they all were in an arena somewhere watching me play basketball. >> a 58-year-old man was also killed in an accident. he owned another race car on that track. and this evening, the chp is trying to figure out why a man was walking on a freeway in oakland overnight. he was hit and killed. it happened on eastbound 580. the three right lanes were blocked for several hours while investigators within 0 the scene. police say the man may have been
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trying to run across the lanes or may have fallen from a nearby overpass. san francisco police arrested 11 people today for vandalism. a tip from a neighbor led police to the arrests at 3:00 this morning near seventh street. police arrested ten adults and a juvenile who was cited and released to his parents. the group had backpacks filled with 52 cans of spray paint, large markers and pens. police say the suspects will be charged with felony value dalism and felony conspire sis. obama care supporters gathered in san francisco today to celebrate the third anniversary of the historic bill signed by the president. the get together celebrating the affordable care ability took place at a farmer's market. organizing for action volunteers were on hand to explain what's on the bill and the timeline for when different pieces take effect. >> well, we're also excited to make sure people know that one of the most important elements of that act is going into effect starting later this year, and that is the insurance exchange,
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where people who are not currently insured, unemployed, self-employed or the not have employer coverage will be able to go into a marketplace and get affordable insurance. >> president obama signed the historic health care legislation three years ago this weekend. coming up next at 6:00, history in the making. the case headed to the supreme court this week that could effe effect same sex marriage in california and everywhere. pope francis going offscript on palm sunday with a story from his childhood. and one of the bay area's most harrowing roadways finally becoming a reality.
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the debate over same sex marriage is headed for the supreme court this week in not one, but two cases. one of those cases is california's prop 8. the other is whether the federal government can refuse to recognize same sex marriages in states where they are legal. brian moore has this preview. >> reporter: people have been camping outside the supreme court for days to witness history. as the justices take on the first ever cases dealing with same sex marriage. >> marriage equality! >> reporter: on tuesday, the court will hear a challenge to california's proposition 8, which defined marriage as one
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man, one woman. >> if there was no evidence, none, that allowing gays and lesbians to marry harms the institution of marriage or harms anyone else. >> reporter: the justices could decide if any state can ban same sex marriage of simply limit the case to california. >> the last thing we need is to shut down the debate, have the supreme court redefine marriage for everybody. >> reporter: on wednesday, the court considers the defense of marriage act, which denies an array of benefits. when her spouse died, her irs sent a $363,000 bill and rep fused to recognize her marriage. >> i couldn't believe that they were making a stranger of this person i lived with and lived for 43, something, years. >> reporter: in new york, hundreds rallied in support of gay marriage and expressed hopes this week will be a turning point. >> the question before the supreme court this week will be,
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am i a full american or am i not? >> reporter: the very definition of marriage, up for debate in the highest court in the land. brian moore, nbc news, washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry made a stop in iraq today. kerry med with iraq's prime minister for what was described as a very spirited discussion. they talked about iraq's delegate and preparing for upcoming elections. >> we all want to see iraq succesuc succe succeed. such an. the world has an interest in seeing iraq take a leading role in the region as a functning democracy. >> the talk also focused on iraq granting iran access to its air space. u.s. officials believe iranian jets are carrying weapons and fighters to support the syrian government. iran and iraq have claimed the
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flights are for humanitarian purposes. still ahead, thousands on hand as pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass. but you might be surprised by his message today. plus, rita moreno making an appearance as an east bay theater during a screening of one of her oscar-award winning classics. a warm day in the bay area today. we managed mid 70s for highs. one of the changes we're seeing tonight, ahead of spring showers, coming back into the forecast for the work week. we'll let you know when and how much when we come right back. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf... is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪
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after nearly seven decades of problems, a new bypass around devil's slide is set to open tomorrow. there is a tunnel and a bridge, at a cost of $439 million. highway 1 is known for crumbling rocks and deadly accidents and months of detours and delays when the road would crumble away. plans are to turn the old road into a walking and biking road. the tom lantos tunnel is named after the late congressman and are the first to be built in california in more than 50 years. pope francis presided over his first palm sunday mass today in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands. and shared a very personal story that wasn't in the script. nbc's claudio lavenga reports from rome. >> reporter: pope francis celebrated his first palm sunday mass to mark the start of holy week on sunday in st. peter's
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square. he was welcomed by 250,000 people from all over the world, who were waving olive and palm branches to re-enact the entrance of jesus into jerusalem. the pope went offscript and broke away with the original tr transcript of the homily by tellitell ing an off the cuff story about his grandmother saying that burial cloths do not have pockets. well, also, he took the usual round of st. peter's square on board of that white jeep, open roof, to welcome all the pilgrims. once again, he worried vatican security by getting off of it to shake hands and bless people with his hands, something, of course, exposes him to a little bit of danger. last but not least, he told christians all over the world that christian joy should keep them young at heart. considering he is 76 and full of
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life, he's certainly setting a good example. >> what an enduring voice he had. >> takes you right there. >> it does. it does. >> we did have a beautiful day out there today, rob. >> we did. still seeing 70s inland. if you look at the map, you might think this looks a little bit like june when you got that cold sea breeze blowing into san francisco, now in the mid 50s. but still 60s to low 70s inland. cooling temperatures a sign of a strengthening sea breeze. this is going to set the stage for a cooler start to the work week and very likely bringing in some low clouds and mist for tomorrow morning. so, short-term, hour by hour, this evening into tonight, going to see the low clouds kick back in. we might see some drizzle and mist in a few spots for tomorrow morning, so, a little bit of a change as we head into your monday morning forecast. to the middle part of the week, we'll see a bigger change as a trough approaches the west coast. the high pressure and the ridge,
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keeping the storms off to the north, that's going to weaken, allowing the first of a couple of weather testimony systems to approach the coast late tuesday into wednesday. the trough across the upper half of the west coast, unlike high pressure, is really the opposite. we'll see the bands of moisture come on through, but the chance of showers at times, partly cloudy skies, schooler from wednesday into friday, sends energy from this area of low pressure, going to break off and form a cutoff low, spin down the california coast right now. it looks like as we head to easter weekend, we will see a better chance of some rain out along the coast, possibly saturday into sunday, but here it is, we're talking about this for next weekend, almost seven days out. there's still a chance where these cutoff lows can scoot by south into southern california. but for now, we're going to keep showers or some rain in the plans, at times, for next weekend. notice tuesday into wednesday, not a lot of coverage here. more moisture coming on in. very likely, moisture moves over the bay area, the best places for finding showers will be in
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the higher hill tops where the moisture gets picked up and we'll see the popup showers late tuesday into the north bay, then into wednesday and thursday, kwoul see a few more of those as we finish off the second half of the work week. we'll see temperatures tonight, mostly in the 40s as the low clouds come in, prevent us from getting too chilly overnight, but you may see some mist or drizzle tomorrow morning. as we head into the afternoon, the clouds to start, unlike we had today and the onshore winds keeping our daytime temperatures running a bit cooler. we should see mid to upper 60s from san jose south. some spots may try to get close to 70s, but it really looks like upper and mid 60s. the winds out of the west for you tomorrow. you see the numbers in the upper 60s out to fairfield and 59 closer to san francisco and 60s into the north bay as the winds come up out of the south. see a cool down in your temperatures to start the work week. by tuesday and wednesday, increasing cloud us, a chance of a few spring showers. as we head to next weekend for
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now, it looks a little unsettled. put stay tuned on there as we head to easter sunday. right now, plastic eggs would be better than nonwaterproof ones. it does look like we get a little something out of that system. >> no! >> i know. if easter could have only been -- >> today! >> so gorgeous. >> yes. >> every little bit of rain helps the allergies and it's been very dry. that helps fire season. set that off. >> thanks very much. hollywood and broadway legend shows up at an area theater today. we'll see where, next.
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one of the most well known names in show business telling her story in the east bay tonight. >> rita moreno is at the new rheem theater for a screening of "west side story." she's sharing memories with her fans in a question and answer period. and she's promoting her new book titled "rita moreno," which she signed. she didn't have to travel far. she's lived for years with her family in the berkeley hills. and in case you didn't know it, she's one of the few artists to ever win an emmy, grammy, oscar and tony. tonight at 191:00, we'll hear from the hollywood legend. a record number of people hit the streets of oakland for that city's annual marathon. 9,100 runners joined the run. organizers say they were happy to see the number of 5-k runners
6:20 pm
double this year. also, this is the fourth year for the race and the very first time with a sunny sky. winners of both the men's and women's marathons were from the bay area. >> thank you, rob. let's bring in henry right now of comcast sports net, take a look at sports. hey, henry. >> yeah, terry, diane, surprised you guys didn't mention we running that marathon. i was running until i dropped my doughnut. then i stopped running, of course. hey, coming up in sports, the stanford women's basketball team trying to avoid an upset. but first, stan fortd's star pitcher turned down millions of dollars last season to return for his senior season. our mindy bach profiles the hard-throwing right-hander next in sports. you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. welcome back to nbc bay area. they say money talks, but it couldn't convince a stanford star to believe college. mark coppell turned down a multimillion dollar contract after being drafted eighth overall in by the pirates in the mlb draft. what made him return for his senior season? our mindy bach has the story from down on the farm. >> and the starting pitcher tonight, mark appell. >> reporter: mark appell didn't know if he'd hear that
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announcement. the pirates offered appell nearly $4 million to leave the farm and join their organization. >> one of the things was, i never really felt led one way or the other. i didn't really feel convicted of where i should spend this next year. and i almost felt like it was kind of god's hand, like, hey, it's your choice. >> with no clear direction, appell sought the input of nearly everyone else. >> i talked with my parents, i talked with my advisers, i talked with my coaches, some teammates, some guys that had signed and playing in pro ball, guys that got draft and came back for their senior year. i felt really blessed with the wealth of resources to make my decision. i knew that coming back to school, a lot of people would think it was a risk, but no matter what the results are, at the end of this year, i'm so pleased with the decision and just being back here. >> appell has reason to be
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pleased. his stock has only risen since he left the pirates' offer on the table. the hard-throwing right-hander has shown better control low in the zone this season. >> even at this level, it debt matter how hard you throw. you're going to have to keep the ball down if you want to be successful. that's kind of what our mentality has been, our focus has been, and, you know, it's not just me, it's all our guys. >> and he's finally mastered his changeup. >> freshman year, i couldn't throw it for a strike. this year, i think i've just kind of been throwing it, you know, and not just thinking about it. and it's -- it's, you know, having that kind of late life and movement away from the left-handed hitters. it's from the same arm slot as the fastball. >> mixing the changeup with his signature fastball and slider, appell has already been named national and pac-12 player of the week. >> i'm just taking it game by game, pitch by pitch. and, you know, when i do that,
6:25 pm
things usually go right. you know, you have that focus where, i'm going to give 100% to this pitch and then, you know, after that pitch is done, it's in the past and then focus on the next pitch. you just keep doing that until coach comes outs and takes the ball from you or the game's over. it's a lot of fun, but you know, usually after the games, i'm pretty mentally exhausted. >> he's considered the top pick in this year's major league draft, just as he was last season. but as he understands all too well, expectations are not always met. he says his coaches and teammates keep him humble and focused on the main reason he returned to the farm. to win a national championship. at stanford, mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> thank you, mindy. and best of luck to mark. over to the stanford women's basketball team, taking on number 16 seed tulsa. into the first, tulsa making it tough. turner gets the offensive board and the put-back. teams are tied at 24 at the half. second half, different story.
6:26 pm
paine from downtown hits. stanford up by three. then, stanford would extend their lead to 13. doing it her way. the easy lay-in. she had 29 points. strap ford survives a first half scare and they win it big, 72-56 is your final. that will do it from the xfinity sports desk. we'll be back at 11:00 with highlights from the a's and giants as spring training winds down in arizona. terry, diane, it's almost time to play ball! >> that's amazing. >> we are ready. >> spring training winding down. i feel like that just started. >> giants thursday night at at&t. >> wow. >> looking gou ining forward to. >> thank you, henry. >> thank you for choosing nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> see you at 11:00 tonight. >> until then, good night.
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